Anteara Mod 1.3 Release Thread

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Anteara Mod 1.3 Release Thread

Postby Anteara » Sat Feb 04, 2012 4:05 am

Please sticky this thread and put it on the main site please.


Guess why the london bus is so lonely by looking at the first picture for random funnizles.

ANTEARA MOD, made by Anteara, is a brand new mod for THUG2 that contains features never seen before in any other public mod.

Anteara Mod includes a unique feature that no other mod possesses, it has a 'sandbox' scripting mode, which means that YOU can add your functions to Anteara Mod simply by adding your functions to the qb file (or files if you add more) in Game/Data/Sandbox. You can access these functions by typing /sandbox in game.
//If you don't understand what the above means, it means that it will work with your 1button ddscripts and buttslap counters etc... to load automatically in the anteara mod making the possibilities endless, this is also to make it compatible with the level editor by morten to be released shortly.

Do NOT use any animations, vehicles or cars while online with anyone that isn't using Anteara Mod. This will cause them to crash, and if you intentionally crash someone, you will be permanently banned from playing THUG2 Online.

You MUST be good to others while using my mod. If you want to use a vehicle or animation online, Everyone in the server must either be using:

Anteara Mod
Or THUG2 3 Click Installer 1.3

If you would like to use vehicles or animations by yourself, create a new server, put a password on it, and do whatever you want. If everyone in the server is using Anteara Mod or one of the other mods listed above, then you may use animations and vehicles.

If you want to play a game with others but you don't know anyone else to play with, simply make a server, and set "cars" as the password. Anyone with Anteara Mod will know this password and they will be able to join your server without you crashing them.
Server password is CARS

Anteara Mod v1.0 Public Changelog;

Code: Select all

-Ammo Menu
–On/Off Menu
-Edit tricks whilst in a game
-Observe Menu
-Custom restart Menu (type /set or /goto)
-Debug Menu
-Theme Menu
-Animation Menu (TONS of Animations!)
-Models Menu (TONS of Models!)
-Airshuffle On/Off
-Luge Mode On/Off
-Time of Day Menu
–THAW Style Spraycan, this means you can’t screw up your combo by using the spraycan
-chat commands
-/help command for help with chat commands
-Spawn models from special tricks
-Drive Cars Online
-Cars are broadcasted online, this means others will see you driving your car and you can see their car.
-Play CTF with cars!
-Play KOTH with cars!
-Vehicles from story mode (tricycle, etc)
-Pause menu has rotating skateboard similar to THUG1
-Anteara Menu has a rotating cone similar to the pause menu
-Chat text colour menu, change your text colour online
-Body Part Menu (Add or remove body parts)
-Screen Menu (Select aspect ratio, Widescreen or standard)
-Screen Menu is SAVEABLE, What that means is that, if you select widescreen, you can keep it as widescreen PERMANENTLY simply by saving your online preferences.
-Create 3d text in the world
-Moving menu (Allows skater to move pos in world, similar to noclip, less precise)
-Mallet, Pencil, Coat, etc, selectable in CAS mode. Able to customize your cas (clientside)(Located in Deck graphic area).
-Dropdown on Alt. Get off board (1 button dropdown)
-Custom Create a Goal Missions. For example, you can create a race goal in create a goal, change the vehicle for the race, such as a rallycar, and have everyone in the server enter a rallycar for the race.
-Spinout, similar the THE MOD 1.3
-To Rail Spin, similar to THE MOD 1.3
-4 Observer Slots

Available Chat Commands:

Code: Select all


Known Bugs:
-Vehicle sounds disappear when changing servers.
-Please report any bugs you may find.

Terms of Use:

Users of this mod may not:
1) Crash Players from servers (If you use vehicles and animations online, this will crash all players in the server as they are not using my mod, which means they don't have vehicles or animations loaded by default.)
2) Users may not decompile or edit my scripts IN ANY WAY.
3) Users may not recreate my mod and claim it as their own

Special Thanks to these people for helping with the mod, and giving support/advice/ideas.

Update: Version 1.3 below.
UPDATE: Guys, I'm ALREADY getting reports that the NEW 3 click installer FIXES ALL CRASHING ISSUES with Anteara Mod. IF YOU EXPERIENCE CRASHING, Download the new 3 click!

Don't use teleports while in vehicle. I will fix this soon.
If you experience crashing, very, very often - you NEED to reinstall your THUG2. I suggest reinstalling your THUG2 with the 3 click installer being released shortly. It will come preloaded with a version of Anteara Mod that is proven to be compatiable and close to bug free.

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Re: Anteara Mod 1.3 Release Thread

Postby Eraser » Sun Feb 05, 2012 12:07 am

Awesome, I changed the link if you want to keep track of downloads/clicks that can be seen in mods section on the main site (still redirecs to mediafire). Keep up the good work :D (couldn't test the mod though)
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Anteara Mod no Work

Postby Daniel63931 » Sun Jan 13, 2013 12:46 am

hey guy,the anteara mod crash when pauses the game,what happend?
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Re: Anteara Mod 1.3 Release Thread

Postby _arfan_ » Tue Feb 19, 2013 11:04 pm

work perfect,
but i dont know if online gameplay, because i always stuck in "Connecting to GameSpy"..

btw, in the next version could you make the graphic looks great?
like high quality shadow,texture, bloom, you know.... more HD than usual. :loll:
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Re: Anteara Mod 1.3 Release Thread

Postby _ENunn_ » Fri May 23, 2014 4:07 am

Link doesn't work. :(
lol hi

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