No Board On/Off

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No Board On/Off

Postby Siema » Mon Dec 19, 2011 5:53 pm

Video: ... ideo_title

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:i function $onoff_board$
   :i call $make_new_roundbar_menu$ arguments
      $title$ = %s(14,"Stuff Menu")$pad_back_script$ = $generic_menu_pad_back$$pad_back_params$ = :s{$callback$ = $create_green_menu$:s}
   :i $add_roundbar_menu_item$:s{$text$ = %s(15,"No Board On")$pad_choose_script$ = $no_board_on$
   :i :s}
   :i $add_roundbar_menu_item$:s{$text$ = %s(13,"No Board off")$pad_choose_script$ = $no_board_on$
   :i :s}
   :i $roundbar_menu_finish$
:i endfunction

No Board On:

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:i function $no_board_on$
   :i $exit_pause_menu$
   :i $Skater$.$BashOff$
   :i $Skater$.$NollieOff$
   :i $Skater$.$PressureOff$
   :i $Skater$.$LandSkaterTricks$
   :i $Skater$.$ResetSwitched$
   :i $Skater$.$ClearTrickQueues$
   :i $Skater$.$DestroyAllSpecialItems$
   :i $Skater$.$SparksOff$
   :i $Skater$.$VibrateOff$
   :i $Skater$.$StopBalanceTrick$
   :i $Skater$.$KillExtraTricks$
   :i $Skater$.call $SetExtraTricks$ arguments
   :i $Skater$.$SkaterLoopingSound_TurnOff$
   :i $Skater$.$TakeBoardFromSkater$
:i endfunction

No Board Off:

Code: Select all

:i function $no_board_off$
   :i $exit_pause_menu$
  :i $Skater$.$ReturnBoardToSkater$
:i endfunction

Changed the code from the theme THUG1 scripts Vehicle (in thug2) spawning location

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