Wth!!? - THUG2 portable

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Wth!!? - THUG2 portable

Postby x7 » Mon Mar 29, 2010 12:24 am

Im spanish.
i downloaded thug2rip.rar from here and i was trying to make some changes with IMG2TGA/TGA2IMG. I can change loadscreen image and sticker slap images too. But i couldnt change deck images and others images; the images good made them but i couldnt see the changes in the game.

Then i started deleting (all that today) "boards" folder and in thug2 i could see board images yet! and i delete all board folder, wth!??
Then i continue deleting folders and folders(levels,models,scripts..) and thug2 run yet, without some little things i can play normally in free skate, in all (deleted) levels, i can create new cas, new graphic tags, . Look the folder:


Where the fuck are thug2 loading levels, images, etc? Can someone explain me this? Im getting crazy. :wat:
Erase i like a lot your trainer option "infinite reverts". Thanks, very fun. ;)
Ah, and THUG2 CAP Pieces 2.0 dosent work for me too. :hmm:
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Re: Wth!!? - THUG2 portable

Postby x7 » Mon Mar 29, 2010 4:29 pm

Then you are saying all "levels", "board",etc.. folders files are duplicated in "pre" folder?. Then for what need the game that extra folders?

Im trying unpack with the last .qb tool qb_scripts.prx but i cant. The program is unpacking over than 20 minits without end. Qb files without problems.

I opened some .prx files from "pre" folder with simple notepad (are there another tool for open it? I heard you notepad++ but continue codificated obiusly) and indicate perfectly i deleted folders redirections.

LAcol.prx for example --> levels\LA\LA.col.xbx (deleted).

anims.prx --->anims\Ped_M\Ped_M_CheerIdle6.ska.xbx(deleted).

Dnno but if i understand ok, i have to say to thug2 dont load from "pre" folder and load from "boards" or "levels" for example?

You can plz explain it for undertand all that?. For example, if i want to change deck image. There are not tools for tex.xbx yet no?
Sry, im noob in that. :roll:

I readed that too. I understand what say but not what do exactly..

you have to dummy qb_scripts.prx before you can use individual scripts.
i know ive explained this on this site before but because im in a good mood i'll do it again.

first rename qb_scripts.prx to org_qb_scripts.prx (simply for backup purposes)
open up a new text document and leave it blank
save this new text document as "qb_scripts.prx"
place the new file you just made into game/data/pre/
run thug two and see your new trick name.
provided you didn't mess the script up

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