This site *doesn't* need changes

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This site *doesn't* need changes

Postby ZurePitchmen83 » Sat Nov 03, 2012 11:58 pm

I like this site and all, but i think it needs some changes done to it

1. The home-page layout
The home-page looks pretty basic, and doesn't seem like it's a THPS-Site at all, it needs to be changed into something more good looking, something like this

2. The forum setup
The setup for the forum has less themes then i feel like it should, they both look generic, i think we should make a theme that looks like the new home page and use it as default, Also, the game modding sections are in separate categories per game, it's hard if you want to make a tool that works for more than 1 THPS game, i think we should have these THPS Modding sections instead

Tutorials = Tutorials for any THPS game
THPS HD Modding = Modding for THPS HD
THAW+ Modding = Modding for THAW and newer games
THUG1-2 Modding = Modding for THUG1 and THUG2
Legacy THPS Modding = Modding for Earlier Pre-THUG1 games

That's what i'd like to make this site better, IMAO, just saying

Ignore this topic, I was crazy when I posted this, This site's just fine as it is
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Re: This site needs changes

Postby WhoElseButMe » Sun Nov 04, 2012 2:09 am

1) this site has been like this since it opened and no one has time to rewrite a website that doesn't generate revenue.
2) name all the forums boards out there that actually have themes, that you use. we could easily just supply the default PHPBB theme and call it a day.
No mod out there will work with more than one game. you have to mod it more than once why is there a problem with posting it more than once?
The tutorials section IS for all thps games, there already IS a thps hd modding section, THAW and newer games AREN'T the same game therefor you can't assume everything will work, we DO NOT have more than 2 pages of thps1 and thps2 topics why do you think they warrant their own sections? and then to say there should also be a legacy section on top of their own sections just equates to forum clutter.

If this site had more than the same 5 people posting and actually had more threads in these "needing enhancement" sections then some of this could be plausible, but how it stands right now, the things you suggested aren't needed simply because they don't have a high demand or else we'ed see a lot more topics created in the current sections where they reside. IF you're writing a "tool" that works with more than one game post it in the general thps talk, IF the tool isn't garbage and doesn't break games it WILL more than likely make it into the downloads section of the site..
and that's what i'm just saying.

Edit: Oops, that said to merge THUG1/2. My comments on that, we shouldn't be bunching up all the topics because for people who do need to find something it makes it that much harder to find when you have 4 games of threads to read through. The Other THPS Modding section is quite fine to be used as a legacy TH modding section or anything newer, we won't complain. If someone asks for help about a newer game in the THAW section this is fine and i'll gladly move it or if someone asks for help about a game in another topic.
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Re: This site needs changes

Postby Eraser » Sun Nov 04, 2012 7:43 pm

Yep, WhoElseButMe is right

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