If anyone still cares in 2019

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If anyone still cares in 2019

Postby Eraser » Thu Apr 04, 2019 9:19 pm

I updated the front page with some new info http://thps-mods.com (click)

tl;dr this site is staying up forever (?) but should be treated as an archive website and is no longer actively maintained by me. It was like this for the past 5 years or so anyway.

probably missed something lol

also about cheating in games - if a game has such low level of security (old games, I know), they deserve to be cheated/modded. It will happen eventually anyway. You know it. Someone will make a mod/cheat. You can blame cheat makers as much as you want but it WILL happen and it is REALITY. We are talking about the most basic/simple cheats. thps games literally allow you to change the amount of score points/combo you have while online... or pretty much everything including balance bar etc. It's like changing health to never go below 100 in csgo, can you imagine that? You would blame the company that doesn't fix the issue wouldn't you? Yes, wallhacks and complex cheats happen in any game and it's not fun, but in thps.... well... you can hack like everything with almost zero knowledge... Whether it's me, skejt23 or whoever else - thps games were a ticking time bomb concerning online cheating.

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