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Tony Hawk's GBA Hacks

Postby RainbowDash321 » Mon Oct 10, 2016 12:55 pm

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Welcome to Tony Hawk's Gameboy Advance hacks. These stuff here are for editing Career/Story Scripts, Goals, Gaps, Graphics, and more. What are you waiting for? Get to hacking.

My first tutorial video is out for Tony Hawk's UnderGround. You need to watch this tutorial very carefully.
The Video Tutorials will be far behind.

There will be pattern files for YY-CHR for Tony Hawk GBA games.
There will be pallette files for YY-CHR for Tony Hawk GBA games.

Tony Hawk's Underground.png
Not Available for hacks
Tony Hawk's Underground.png (11.38 KiB) Viewed 316 times

Q: Why are we using Hex Editor?
A: There's no programs made for these games. If somebody is a programmer and really interested making .exe and sources for these games.

Q: Are we able to patch gba games?
A: Yes we are able to patch games using Lunar IPS.

Q: Are we able to edit graphics?
A: Yes we are able to edit graphics using YY-CHR

Q: When will I release other stuff for other Tony Hawk gba games?
A: It will take weeks until further notice

If your game crashed...It means you did something to cause that to happen.

Stay updated for more releases.

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3_1.png
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3_1.png (41.09 KiB) Viewed 341 times

Offset: 0015FCE0-0015FD20 - Level Name
Offset: 0015EBD0-0015EC00 - Main Menu Names
Offset: 0004FFF0-000502C0 - Airport Gaps
Offset: 0005A3B0-0005A750 - Foundry Gaps
Offset: 0006B500-0006B860 - L.A. Gaps
Offset: 00079E00-0007A180 - Rio Gaps
Offset: 0009C880-0009CC70 - Suburbia Gaps
Offset: 000A8CA0-000A8F90 - Tokyo Gaps

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4_1.png
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4_1.png (18.78 KiB) Viewed 341 times

Offset: 000BE930-000BEA00 - Cheat Menu
Offset: 000BEA30-000BECC0 - Create a Skater Names
Offset: 000BECC0-000BED30 - Stat Names
Offset: 000BEEF0-000BF060 - Out of Bound Words
Offset: 000BEA10-000BEA20 - Slot Names
Offset: 000BF2E0-000C0F00 - Goal Text
Offset: 000BF280-000BF2D0 - Level Names
Offset: 000AF190-000AF1C0 - Erase Data
Offset: 000AE990-000AF0C0 - Credits
Offset: 0004F9F0-0004FC90 - Alcatraz Gaps
Offset: 0005D870-0005DC80 - Ca College Gaps
Offset: 0006D610-0006D890 - Kona Gaps
Offset: 0007C100-0007C370 - London Gaps
Offset: 0008C780-0008CB30 - Shipyard Gaps
Offset: 00099280-000994B0 - The Zone Gaps
Offset: 000A55A0-000A57F0 - Zoo Gaps

Graphics: (Use YY-CHR)
2EBB00-3EDE7F - 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,:,' (Set Patterns on Vertical)
2EB280-2ED37F - Goal Pts.
2EB4A0-2ED4FF - Special Bar
2EBEE0-2EDFBF - Arrow
2EB680-2ED87F - Nollie, Fakie, Switch (Set Patterns on Vertical)
2EF080-2F12BF - Menu Border
2F4B60-2FB2DF - SKATE & COMBO Letters

Tony Hawk's Underground_1.png
Tony Hawk's Underground_1.png (49.95 KiB) Viewed 341 times

Offset: 0005A690 - Health Meter (This line...make the values "00")
Offset: 0005CFDC-0005D1B3 - Instant Stats Increase (This line...make the values "00")
Offset: 007AE3D2-007AE49B - Menu Line Bar (This line...make the values "00")
Offset: 000E037F-000E0FCF - Goal Complete Picture (This line...make the values "FF")
Offset: 000D2516-000D239C - Whole Special Meter (This line...make the values "FF")
Offset: 000D2658-000D273B - Whole Health Bar (This line...make the values "FF")
Offset: 000D28A8-000D28EC - Red Goal Star (This line...make the values "00")
Offset: 000798BE0-000798CD0 - Menu Background Color (Use Color Values)
Offset: 0007AE49C-0007AE67B - Boarder and Line Bar Color (Use Color Values)
Offset: 00048B20-00048B90 - Board Names
Offset: 00048C00-00048C20 - New Tricks
Offset: 00048C20-00048C70 - Transitions and Flantlands Unlocked
Offset: 00048C70-00048D30 - Cheat Names
Offset: 00048F10-00049DA0 - Credits
Offset: 0004AC20-0004C7D0 - Pro Skater Scripts
Offset: 0004DD30-0004DD40 - Demo Mode Text
Offset: 0004DD70-0004E060 - Story Objectives
Offset: 000CB8D0-000CBC00 - Arcade Objectives
Offset: 0004CB50-0004DCB0 - Player Skater Lines
Offset: 000CD200-000CD260 - Level Names
Offset: 000CD2A0-000CD480 - Area Names
Offset: 000CE0B0-000CE310 - Area Names Open
Offset: 000CD520-000CD5A0 - Create a Skater Names
Offset: 000CD490-000CD4E0 - New Game, Continue Game, Load Game, Delete Game
Offset: 000698C0-00069BB0 - Battery Park Gaps
Offset: 00078F00-00079120 - Bronx Gaps
Offset: 00082B40-00082D20 - Slam City Jam Gaps
Offset: 00087E00-00087F10 - Hangar Gaps
Offset: 0008EBD0-0008EEA0 - Mall Gaps
Offset: 000976C0-00097850 - Hollywood Gaps
Offset: 000A31C0-000A34C0 - New Jersey Gaps
Offset: 000B1FC0-000B21E0 - San Diego Gaps
Offset: 000C1410-000C1640 - Santa Monica Gaps
Offset: 000C9CC0-000C9DE0 - Warehouse Gaps

BA - * Icon
B1 - \/ Icon
B4 - A Icon
B0 - ^ Icon
B5 - B Icon
B6 - L Icon
B7 - R Icon
B2 - < Icon
B3 - > Icon
7B,7D: {} - Gold Text (You can put any word between them)
3C,3E: <> - Red Text (You can put any word between them)
5B,5D: [] - Blue Text (You can put any word between them)
23,73: #s - Your Profile Name (Only in goal text)

Color Values:
00 - Black
11 - Lght Yellow
22 - Green
33 - Light Green
44 - Purple
55 - Light Purple
66 - Blue
77 - Light Blue
88 - Brown
99 - Light Brown
FF - White

Graphics: (Use YY-CHR)
127940-12AF1F - Car
13EDE0-141DBF - Stats
145800-1483FF - Pause Menu Fonts (Set Patterns on "16x32")
143E00-146BFF - Title Menu Fonts (Set Patterns on "16x32")
140CE0-14483F - V Logo
12A8E0-12E91F - Skate Shop Side Wall
12D100-12F5BF - Main Menu Star
12C940-12F0BF - Main Menu Bar
12D5E0-12FCDF - Pause Menu Name
12DCE0-12FFDF - Pause Menu Boarders
12E000-120DBF - Pause Menu Star
143000-1458DF - In-Game Fonts
146980-14915F - Profile Name Fonts (Set Patterns on "Vertical")
0E42A0-0E665F - +1 Air, +1 Manual, +1 Speed, +1 Ollie, +1 Rail, +1 Lip, +1 Switch, +1 Spin
0E1100-0E4EDF - Health Bar
0E2F00-0E5D5F - Secondary Health Bar
0DFB00-0E20DF - Nollie, Fakie, Switch
0DEC40-0E1ADF - Special Bar
0E0FC0-0E30DF - Special Bar

Tony Hawk's Underground 2_1.png
Tony Hawk's Underground 2_1.png (36.95 KiB) Viewed 341 times

Offset: 0007D5E0-0007D800 - Australia Gaps
Offset: 0008E0F0-0008E350 - Barcelona Gaps
Offset: 0009CD30-0009CF60 - Berlin Gaps
Offset: 000AC650-000AC8D0 - Boston Gaps
Offset: 000BA440-000BA5F0 - New Orleans Gaps
Offset: 000C6590-000C6740 - Skatopia Gaps
Offset: 000D7C50-000D7DD0 - Suburbia Gaps

Graphics: (Use YY-CHR)
148160-14A91F - Arrow
14A440-14D41F - Stats
14E1C0-150DDF - THUG2 Logo
14C340-15009F - V Logo
158080-15A93F - In-Game Fonts
109580-11A0BF - Special Bar
117400-1193FF - Nollie, Fakie, Switch
148690-14B73F - Pause Logo
158D60-15B53F - Profile Name Fonts
11EAA0-122C3F - SKATE Letters (Set Patterns on "16x24")
121960-12567F - COMBO Letters (Set Patterns on "16x24")
120C60-12393F - Secret Tape
14B5C0-14E31F - Name Text

1.0 ... ns+1.0.rar

Tony Hawk's American Sk8land_1.png
Tony Hawk's American Sk8land_1.png (46.41 KiB) Viewed 341 times

Offset: 00101310-0010138B - City Picture Between Levels (This line...make the values "FF")
Offset: 000585D0-000596D0 - Credits
Offset: 000FBD10-000FBD50 - Language
Offset: 000FBF70-000FBFF0 - Level Names
Offset: 000FC090-000FC0D0 - New Game, Continue Game, Load game, Delete Game
Offset: 000FC170-000FC210 - Create a Skater Names
Offset: 00075F70-00076200 - Warehouse Gaps
Offset: 0007D7E0-0007D890 - Cohoes Gaps
Offset: 0008C020-0008C2A0 - Downtown Gaps
Offset: 0009DAB0-0009DC80 - Hollywood Gaps
Offset: 000B23C0-000B25D0 - San Francisco Gaps
Offset: 000C2050-000C21E0 - School Gaps
Offset: 000CD6A0-000CD820 - Vans Skate Park Gaps


For people who don't know how to use Lunar IPS
1: Download Lunar IPS (
2: Extract the folder
3: Open Lunar IPS program
4: Click on "Create IPS" Button
5: Select the original Tony Hawk gba rom and Select Tony Hawk gba rom hack
6: To apply Tony Hawk rom hack and play just need to rename the original rom. EX: "THUG (hack).ips" and "THUG (hack).gba"

My unfinished rom hack: ... ack%29.ips

Website: ( ... 3586#p3586)
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