THPS2 Decks?

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THPS2 Decks?

Postby itchcrikkit » Thu Jul 20, 2017 10:03 pm

I'm working on modifying custom Decks on TH2, but I was wondering if anyone can help point me toward the Text information for the Deck names. I'm rather new to modding this game.

Also, I've tried watermarking and testing graphics, and I've not figured out where one of the graphics is used: The second deck graphic in the "data" folder, the one that's squashed down and has placeholders for the trucks. I've been editing that one (along with the other one in "data" and the one in "newbmp") but I'm not sure where it's needed.

Thanks for your help.
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Re: THPS2 Decks?

Postby Demo » Fri Jul 21, 2017 5:14 pm

deck names are stored in exe. just open it in hex editor and search for the name.
you can either edit it directly in exe, or you can use cumulative patch and put something like this on your userpatch.ini (it will replace hawk's deck names)
keep in mind that you're limited by the length of the original string.

Code: Select all

0x0053C954=Test 1*
0x0053C93C=Test 2*
0x0053C920=Test 3*
0x0053C904=Test 4*
0x0053C8E4=Test 5*
0x0053C8CC=Test 6*
0x0053C8B4=Test 7*
0x0053C89C=Test 8*

there are 2 deck images. larger one is used on the deck selection screen, it's the one without trucks. the one with trucks is used in the actual game. if you want to repace it with a higher quality image, you have to copy it to newbmp folder first. pc port checks files in newbmp and newtex fodlers and uses those instead.

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