(THPS2 PC) Use THPS1 Models as Vehicles

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(THPS2 PC) Use THPS1 Models as Vehicles

Postby ZurePitchmen83 » Wed Aug 22, 2012 9:24 am

I wanted to post this for a while, so i figured why not now :)
EDIT: i know these were on Planet Tony Hawk back in 2001, i just wanted to mirror this for anyone for forgot/missed it

THPS2 PC (All of the THPS1 Skater Models are inside ALL.PKR)
a PKR modding tool

Optional (Only for transferring THPS1 Vehicles/MHPB Players):
THPS1/MHPB PS1 Hed/Wad Files
THPS1 PS1 Hed/Wad Editor (Can be found on this site)
if you don't want to bother with getting the files from your disk, you can find a ZIP file of the contents of THPS1/MHPB Demo WADS
If you don't want to bother editing ALL.PKR over and over and over, search for demo's No more ALL.PKR tutorial ;)

I only tried this with THPS2 PC, but it might work with MHPB or THPS2 PS1/N64, swapping THPS2 Characters with THPS1 Characters won't be possible (unless someone converts the skeleton for the models), might be possible to swap MHPB Characters

1. Look for any THPS1/MHPB Model (HAWK.PSX for example) using either ALL.PKR or THPS1/MHPB Hed/Wads
2. Replace any vehicle (C_TAXI.PSX for example) with your THPS1/MHPB model (HAWK.PSX)
3. Repack your PKR (or the data folder if you did the No more ALL.PKR tutorial)
4. Start your game, go a level that uses your replaced vehicle, and see if it got replaced

Screens to show that this works:

Image Image
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Re: (THPS2 PC) Use THPS1 Models as Vehicles

Postby Samarasz » Sat Oct 27, 2012 8:44 pm

This was indeed already posted.

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