Bug when dropping down

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Bug when dropping down

Postby rodneyM7 » Fri Nov 24, 2017 7:51 pm

I'm currently trying to fix this bug but haven't had any success so far. Problem: I'm about to drop down an object and I should drop - but most of the time I will keep riding straight on as if there wasn't any drop at all or as if I had been instantly teleported to the ground or something. Here are some images frame by frame.

About to drop.

Nope we just ride on.

Cam zooms in. As you know this always happens when there's an object immediately behind you like a wall / fence. Cam zooms out again afterwards.

I thought the cause might be in the physics.qb, either...

Code: Select all

:u(02:00000108)$Ground_stick_angle$ = %i(30,0000001e)  = grip

... or:

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:u(02:000000e7)$Physics_Ground_Snap_Down$ = %f(8.200000)  = ground snap [i]up[/i] kind of teleports you up, so you can ride smoothly over small curbs etc. Ground snap down would be the reverse.

But no luck, even with setting the values to 0.

Some more information: I've only encountered this bug in CaPs and only when dropping from these simple elevated blocks (height doesn't seem to matter). Could this be an object related problem? It's weird since it's so inconsistent, sometimes the drop happens but mostly it doesn't. Help is appreciated!
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Re: Bug when dropping down

Postby Morten1337 » Tue Nov 28, 2017 2:47 am

This is a bug in the low level engine code. All the pc ports up to THUG2 had this problem.

Ive tried to fix it by comparing the THUG1 and THUG2 dissasembly code. But i couldnt find anything.
Ive ruled out the scripts, and the skater component functions that accesses these global script variables.

If its figured out, the patch can probably be applied to THPS3 and THPS4 too.

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