ZureGFX Version 1.0 + 2.0 announcments

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ZureGFX Version 1.0 + 2.0 announcments

Postby ZurePitchmen83 » Mon Jul 30, 2012 9:40 am

What does this mod do?
It adds new CAS clothing+decks for your skater, this replaces some of the clothes/decks so backup your Textures folder

What are the clothes/deck selections?
i don't want to give much away but it has stuff like

Airwalk Red Video Film Deck
Flip Sorry Red Deck
White Face 3 - THPS2 CAS white face texture
Generic Shoe 3 - meow Rod Laver Shoes
Stripe Shorts - Black Stripe Shorts
Cord Shorts - meow Red Workout Shorts
Striped Hoody - THUG2 Hawk Hoodie
Hawk Clothes - THPS2 Hawk Clothes
and many more!

What's coming in 2.0?
v2.0 ZureGFX will have Full THPS2/THPS4/THUG1 Pro Clothing (including the TDX files)
It'll also have more decks from THPS1/THPS2/THPS4/THUG1/THUG2/THAW
it will have the Black HIM logo Bam shirt from the NGC version

Screenshot for 2.0

2.0 will be released arround August or September (y)

Download link (file is ZureGFX-THPS3.zip)
THPS4 Level Expansion Pack, THUG2 710 Mod 1.0
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