THAWD Version 1.4 Out Now

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THAWD Version 1.4 Out Now

Postby Iron Hawk » Tue Apr 17, 2018 5:11 am

Hey guys, im back with another version of thawd, this version, and version 1.2 and 1.3 content, make this a pretty big haul of content, you can pick up the mod. This is a worthless mod.

Download Here: ... sp=sharing

Watch A Video On It Here: ...

If you are wondering what this mod all adds to thaw, here is a changelog for you to read threw to see all the great stuff this mod adds


Version 1.0

-Added all pre made parks from thug2, and added 7 pre made parks from thug1
(3 of the thug1 caps in beta because they missing pieces that arent in thaw)

-Added Debug Options (Debug Menu, Cheats:Debug Menu, Goto Restarts)

-Added Custom Decks Thug Dlx Hub Parody Logo(By Cold Media), Project Pro Skater Volume 3(By Ashley VS The World)
THPSGOAT(By BgoatBiz), Rad Rat Video Logo, Fair Flesh, Bite Me, and R-Phonic decks from skateboard park tycoon

-Changed some loading screens and videos to match the mod THAWD

Version 1.1

-Changed DebugMenu button in pause so it opens the debug options rather then the menu

-Removed Main Menu as a level (Just untill i figure out how to do it myself)

-Unlocked and fixed risers in create a park

-Added 3 pre made parks from thps4 that I remade for thaw by hand

-Added some new skaters
(80's Tony Hawk, 70's Tony Alva, Sign Dude, Kid Skater, Kid Skater (East LA), ACC Guy, DV Guy, and Vato)

-Made it so all secret skaters are unlocked when mindy is unlocked, so you can just use the cheat to unlock all
skaters ( help1nghand )

-Added the emerica video to game movies

-Added the making of thaw video to wasteland movies

-Added my own launch .exe, so you dont have to replace vanilla thaw to play

Version 1.2

-Added my own pre made park, frozen pool

-Added some more new skaters
(Street Punk, Young Skater 01, Young Skater 02, Young Skater 03, Fat Construction Worker, Protester 01
Protester 02, Protester 03, and Protester 04)

-Changed the startup load screen

Version 1.3

-Made 2-Player option availble all the time at the main menu to make it easier to get into a 2player game

-Added all the story mode maps to classic mode with there unfinshed goals
(Each map has all 4 score goals, skate, combo, and hidden tape)

Version 1.4

-Added Sandwich Dude

-Added some more pre made parks, warehouse, hangar

-Added 2 floor blocks, and big fence to the create a park

-Added some new cas items, Animals, and Misc Items

-Added some new custom decks, thug1 decks, and thpg decks
(Custom Decks Thug Dlx Hub Parody Logo(By Cold Media), Project Pro Skater Volume 3(By Ashley VS The World)
THPSGOAT(By BgoatBiz), Rad Rat Video Logo from Rad Rat Video Youtube Channel, Twenty One Pilots Logo, and decks from skateboard park tycoon)

-Went Back To Using The Default .exe and replacing qb_e since the other one dosent work :/

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