THAWD Version 1.1 Out Now

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THAWD Version 1.1 Out Now

Postby Iron Hawk » Sun Apr 08, 2018 7:31 am

Version 1.1 of THAWD has been released, and what does this mod all add, well it adds

Version 1.0

-Added all pre made parks from thug2, and added 7 pre made parks from thug1
(3 of the thug1 caps in beta because they missing pieces that arent in thaw)

-Added the main menu as a playable level (I used a script from the cas mod by bast! to get it to load as a level
so props to him)

-Added Debug Options (Debug Menu, Cheats:Debug Menu, Goto Restarts)

-Added Custom Decks Thug Dlx Hub Parody Logo(By Cold Media), Project Pro Skater Volume 3(By Ashley VS The World)
THPSGOAT(By BgoatBiz), Rad Rat Video Logo, Fair Flesh, Bite Me, and R-Phonic decks from skateboard park tycoon

-Changed some loading screens and videos to match the mod THAWD

Version 1.1

-Changed DebugMenu button in pause so it opens the debug options rather then the menu

-Removed Main Menu as a level (Just untill i figure out how to do it myself)

-Unlocked and fixed risers in create a park

-Added 3 pre made parks from thps4 that I remade for thaw by hand

-Added some new skaters
(80's Tony Hawk, 70's Tony Alva, Sign Dude, Kid Skater, Kid Skater (East LA), ACC Guy, DV Guy, and Vato)

-Made it so all secret skaters are unlocked when mindy is unlocked, so you can just use the cheat to unlock all
skaters ( help1nghand )

-Added the emerica video to game movies

-Added the making of thaw video to wasteland movies

-Added my own launch .exe, so you dont have to replace vanilla thaw to play


The video is here: ...

And Download link is here: ... sp=sharing

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