THAWD Version 1.0 Out Now

Discuss modding in thaw. If you want to make something by yourself you can ask how to in here. Also, you can post any thaw related mod in here.
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THAWD Version 1.0 Out Now

Postby Iron Hawk » Fri Apr 06, 2018 3:40 am

So I have been working on a mod for thaw on pc, and have released my first version of it, which can be downloaded here: ... sp=sharing

The current things added in this mod in the current version is...

-Added all pre made parks from thug2, and added 7 pre made parks from thug1
(3 of the thug1 caps in beta because they missing pieces that arent in thaw)

-Added the main menu as a playable level (I used a script from the cas mod by bast! to get it to load as a level
so props to him)

-Added Debug Options (Debug Menu, Cheats:Debug Menu, Goto Restarts)

-Added Custom Decks Thug Dlx Hub Parody Logo(By Cold Media), Project Pro Skater Volume 3(By Ashley VS The World)
THPSGOAT(By BgoatBiz), Rad Rat Video Logo, Fair Flesh, Bite Me, and R-Phonic decks from skateboard park tycoon

-Changed some loading screens and videos to match the mod THAWD

Enjoy Guys :D

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