THAW MegaMod v0.1 (april fools joke)

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THAW MegaMod v0.1 (april fools joke)

Postby P3N15 » Wed Apr 01, 2015 12:40 am

This mod isn't real, This is an April Fools Joke.

This is my private THAW Mod :D
Ive finaly decided to release it bcuz so many ppl were asking 4 it :nod: :grin: :smile: :)

Code: Select all

Itz Features (wowza lotza feats :D):
Removed Story Mode and Classic Mode
Removed Online Multiplayer Mode
Added local 3-Player and 4-Player modes
Added chat ability in 2-Player 3-Player and 4-player modes
Added Zeke and Luther as playable skaters
Added 80's Tony Hawk and 70's Tony Alva as playable skaters
Added THUG1 and THUG2 Tony Hawks as playable skaters (Useable by pressing the "change appearance" button after chosen Tony Hawk as skater)
Added Spider-Man as a playable skater (In Spider-Man mode ONLY! :P)
Added Rainbow Hair as a CAS Item for both male and female CASes
Added all dex from THPS1-THP8 (almost a thousand decks to choose! XD)
Added Spider-Man Mode (Unlimited Wallruns and NO SKATEBOARDING OR BMXing instead just ass kicking supervillians :D)
Added Create-A-Goal Mode
Added Create-A-Deck Mode
Removed focus mode
Added Speed Boost
no-clip yes-clip and flying modes
time of day adjust
vehicles from THUG1 and THUG2 (sum only worx in certin lvls)
dance mode in santa montana lvl (scuse me, wat waz it agen? i 4git im dumb @ engrish)
jack-off manual and grind trix (took me super long time to port dick model nd anime)
Includes every feature from THE-MOD
Replaced Options menu with new fixed options menu with password (bcuz noobs can eff up da game wit it)
Merge Menu (u can evn merge all story mode lvls @ once (requires super powerful pc 2 do without lag) :D)
Enhances all level textures in HD (took me 3 months to change dem all)
Added the following cam hacks
- free cam
- first-person cam
- second-person cam
- up-down 2D like cam
- ortho cam
- ortho cam that doesn't change angle like GBA THPSes

And the best for last :@ :loll:


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Re: THAW MegaMod v0.1

Postby ThAEm » Sun Apr 12, 2015 5:16 pm

I liked that in most of the files, they're just a wall of text that says
usual i see snooPINGAS use your icey snowPINGAS usual i see snooPINGAS use your icey snowPINGAS usual i see snooPINGAS use your icey snowPINGAS

Hey, you needed something to make those file's sizes look legit. lol

What's also funny is that the Spidey hud is just a .PNG renamed to a .img.wpc.

Oh, yeah, and Spongebob.

Oh, and also zapped.

P.S. Where was that FMV from anyway? Just wanna know...
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Re: THAW MegaMod v0.1

Postby Kenny » Sun Apr 19, 2015 6:40 pm

ban him.
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Re: THAW MegaMod v0.1

Postby WhoElseButMe » Mon Apr 20, 2015 9:04 pm

It clearly states it's fake and was an April fools joke. No ban will be issued here.
WhoElseButMe on Nov 26, 2009 wrote:It's that lack of respect amongst their peers and ignorance towards modding etiquette that keeps us who know this stuff well from spreading it like wild fire. We do still enjoy playing the game and if you need to cheat to play a game PLAY SOMETHING ELSE YOU DON'T SUCK AT.
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Re: THAW MegaMod v0.1

Postby ZurePitchmen83 » Sat May 09, 2015 9:23 pm

Yeah, I'm a little late, Didn't see this until now, But anyways.

ThAEm wrote:P.S. Where was that FMV from anyway? Just wanna know...

If you're talking about the video that shows up when you try to play with this mod, It was taken from a Go Compare commercial.
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